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(Mostly) Friends Only

My general hockey ramblings/picspams will usually be availible to all comers, but most of my fic is friends-locked. It can be found unlocked at alooseballoon, if you don't feel like adding me. 

Feel free to add me for memes and ramblings of a more personal nature, as well as ficlets and actual, legit fic. 

Things I talk about sometimes: attractive men, hockey, my pseudo domesticity, hockey, and how much I fail at life. It's great!

Just leave me a comment here if you add me?



Wow, I really haven't posted in forever! Should probably try to get on that...

But in the meantime, here's a meme that's been floating around my flist. Taken directly fro withcrayons hom I love unconditionally.

Type these words into the search bar on your music player and list the first song that appears in the results.

Happy Happy Ending, Mika
Hate Whatever, Elliott Smith
Light Everlasting Light, Black Keys
Dark Whispers in the Dark Mumford and Sons
Good Good Girl Carrie Underwood
Bad Bad Kids Black Lips
Smile Smile Back Mac Miller
Cry All I Could Do Was Cry, Etta James
Girl I'm Not that Girl, Idina Menzel (Wicked)
Boy Charlie Boy, The Lumineers
Sad For Love Of You, Audrey Assad
Lost: A Day Late, Anberlin
Night: Old Crow Black Night Stand Still, Hey Rosetta!
Day: Seven Days, Christian Kane
Wolf: She Wolf, David Guetta
Robot Pete the Little Robot Comes Home, Falling Up
Dance: Dust Bowl Dance, Mumford and Sons
Time One More Time, Daft Punk
Life: How to Save a Life, The Fray
Death Love Is Colder Than Death, The Virgins


So over the past week or so, I have come across some things that have just made me smile, or say "huh" or made me laugh. These are those things.

- The Berlin Eisbaren wear pink gloves. This is amazing. Although this may just be for breast cancer awareness (see the entirety of North American Football)

- At Oxford University, Magdalen College, there is such a thing as "Master of the Punts." This is a legit thing, and my prof was said Master.

- The reason the Dutch colonial empire failed was due in part to the largely male population drinking an average of 2 litres of beer per day. Can you say impotence?

- Just the very fact that this exists is amazing. Like... Hedgehogs. Better than your political leader.

- We all know that deep fried anything equals instant deliciousness. But now, apparently, there is such a thing as deep-fried beer. Amazing. Can I have some, like ASAP?

- As always, the Stats_Canada twitter was good for some great chuckles. 

Now back to working on my four bazillion assignments I have to do for like... Tuesday.

edit: did not realize that the twitter embed thing was NOT working. Got rid of it.

Please tell me you all have seen this

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with this:

This may just be the most heroic thing I have seen in a long, long time. 

So I totally know all of you have been waiting with baited breath for the next installment in my Ambitious Sweater Number project! And since I'm nothing if not accommodating, here it is! 

It definitely starts getting difficult to find attractive players the higher up the numbers go, but once in a while there are some real gems. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed putting it together! 

Also! If you feel like I left anyone out, let me know in the comments!

Spittakes at work are hella awkward...

So as some of you guys might be aware, I read my fair share of hockey blogs. But not many of them can make me do a spittake nearly as well as Down Goes Brown. I got a little behind in my reading, so here are some of the greatest bits from his last couple of articles.

From Who will win the Masterton Trophy?

Johnny Boychuk, Boston Briuns - Has often been described as "not completely insufferable" and "somebody you can watch play one entire game without hating, I guess", making him pretty much a unanimous nomination for the Bruins.

Daniel Alfredsson, Ottawa Senators - Came back from any injury or had a good year or maybe retired or no one really has any idea to be honest, since nobody in Ottawa has said a word about any player other than Erik Karlsson since mid-November.

Jaromir Jagr, Philadelphia Flyers - Needed to be recognized for finding the will to succeed despite being like a hundred times better than everybody else at hockey, we guess

From Nine Lives: A look at the playoff bubble teams

Washington Capitals:

Reason for optimism: As the current eighth seed will have to find a way to make sure that an opponent doesn't sneak up and get them from behind, meaning they've finally found a subject where they can learn something from Dale Hunter.

Dallas Stars:

Possible bad sign: The fact that they don't have a single top-tier player who is currently injured has been somewhat countered by the fact that they also don't have a single top-tier player who is currently healthy.

Colorado Avalanche:
Possible bad sign: Have one of the most difficult remaining schedules of any team, in the sense that they are not scheduled to play any games against the Colorado Avalanche.

Los Angeles Kings:
Reason for optimism: After being encouraged by the coaching staff to at least give it a try to see if they liked it, the team admitted that their recent experience of scoring a goal was actually kind of fun and they may even be willing to do it again before the end of the season.

Winnipeg Jets:

Reason for optimism: Their return to the NHL has been the feel-good story of the season, so they can expect to have millions of hockey fans all across Canada passionately cheering them on in their quest for a playoff spot.
Possible bad sign: If the Maple Leafs are any indication, that means they're screwed.

Do any of you have a favourite hockey blog that you read religiously?

The Vancouver Canucks: A Primer (Part 1)

This is a primer about the Vancouver Canucks. 

Why, you might ask? Well, because I think that they're awesome, but also because I don't think enough people think that they're awesome. Also, because I want Chris to have a thorough understanding of who all these guys are before playoffs start. Also, withcrayons has been asking me about a couple of players on the Canucks, and would like to be able to know the names of the players that she's supposed to be hating. Since I'm all about embracing the hate, I acquiesced, and this is the result.

Special thanks to Charlie and Chris for being my sounding boards, and especially to Chris for coming up with some of the weirder parts of the player profiles.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Vancouver Canucks!Collapse )

On to Part 2!

What makes a hockey player great?

So I've been thinking a lot about the whole concept of Beerability. (For those of you who haven't heard of this wonderful way of thinking about hockey, you should all go and read this intro to it on The Backhand Shelf.)

A lot of what I've realized is that most of my favourite players don't have very much beerability. Like, can you imagine sitting down at a pub with Jonathan Toews for hours and just drinking and shooting the shit?

Or with Ryan Kesler?

Or Claude Giroux?

No. Not really.

What, then, I got to thinking, was my metric of choice for determining my favourite hockey players?

Wherein I invent a new metric and try to explain it with wordsCollapse )

Also! The Canucks won a crazy game agaisnt the Jets tonight, which is cause for some celebration!

Also, it was interesting to see Andrew Ladd and Ryan Kesler back on the same sheet of ice. There wasn't much visible interaction between the two of them tonight, but Kesler was in full-fledged BEASTMODE tonight, so there was probably some words exchanged at some point.

Also, I may or may not be writing fic about them now. Ugh. What is my life?


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